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The Carnegie Libraries

For Pennsylvanians the name "Carnegie" is ubiquitous, appearing on municipal buildings, as part of a university's name, and even the name of a town. For most Americans, however, "Carnegie" means libraries. Steel magnate Andrew Carnegie drew inspiration from his early experiences borrowing books from the private library of Col. James Anderson when he decided to build public libraries. Between 1886 and 1923 many towns across the country received Carnegie library funds, some 1406 towns with 1679 libraries in total. Pennsylvania had 58 such libraries, each bearing the Carnegie's slogan about the purposes of libraries above the door: "Let There Be Light."

Allegheny County 

Date of Grant: 1890   [10 libraries]
Allegheny Carnegie Library



Allegheny Carnegie Library
5 Allegheny Square
Pittsburgh, PA  15212
History of Allegheny Regional Branch

Carnegie Library - Pittsburgh



Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

4400 Forbes Avenue 
Pittsburgh PA 15213
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh: History 1895 – 1969


Carnegie - Schenley Park




Carnegie Library and Tech Schools

– Schenley Park


East Liberty Branch
5920 Ralph Munn Mall
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
East Liberty Library today

Hazelwood Branch
4748 Monongahela Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15207
Hazelwood Branch Library today

Carnegie Library - Homewood

Homewood Branch Library
7101 Hamilton Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA  15208
Homewood Branch Library today
Date of Grant: 1893
Braddock Carnegie Library
419 Library Street
Braddock, PA  15104-1609
Braddock Carnegie Library today

Date of Grant: 1896
Carnegie Library - Homestead


Carnegie Library of Homestead
510 Tenth Avenue
Munhall, PA  15120 
Carnegie Library of Homestead

Date of Grant: 1898
Carnegie Free Library


Carnegie Free Library
Andrew Carnegie Library
300 Beechwood Avenue
Carnegie, PA  15106-2699
Andrew Carnegie Free Library today

Date of Grant: 1899
Carnegie Library - McKeesport


Carnegie Library of McKeesport
1507 Library Avenue
McKeesport, PA  15132-4796
Carnegie Library of McKeesport today

Date of Grant: 1899
Oakmont Carnegie Library
700 Allegheny Blvd.
Oakmont, PA  15139
Oakmont Carnegie Library today

Date of Grant: 1901
[ 2 libraries ] 

Carnegie Free Library - Duquesne




Carnegie Free Library - Duquesne 
South Second St & Kennedy Ave.
Duquesne, PA 

North Bessemer

Date of Grant: 1914
[ 2 libraries ]
Edgewood, PA 

Carnegie Free Library of Swissvale
1800 Monongahela Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA  15218-2312

Carnegie Free Library of Swissvale today

Lawrenceville Branch Library
279 Fisk Street 

Pittsburgh, PA  15201
Lawrenceville Branch Library today

Mount Washington Branch
315 Grandview Drive
Pittsburgh, PA  15211
Mount Washington Branch today

South Side Branch 
2205 Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA  15203
South Side Branch today

West End Branch
47 Wabash Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15220
West End Library today

Wylie Avenue Branch
Wylie Avenue & Green St.
Pittsburgh, PA 
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