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The mission of the Pennsylvania Center for the Book is to study, honor, celebrate, and promote books, reading, libraries, and literacy to the citizens and residents of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania . The Family Literacy Activities section of our web site is devoted to the overarching goal of ensuring that every Pennsylvanian becomes a reader. These research-based emergent literacy resources are designed for parents and educators working with parents and young children. Resources include:

  • The Research Foundation for the Objectives and Resources on the web site;
  • Online developmental literacy Guides for Parents and Caregivers;
  • Family Fun Night Programs based on children's books;
  • Book-Centered Integrated Lesson Plans for Adult Education, Parenting Education, Early Childhood Education, and Interactive Literacy (also known as PACT Time), all based on children's books;
  • Annotated Booklists;
  • Web Resources;
  • Professional Resources; and
  • Downloadable Activities based on high quality children's literature.

The ability to read is one of the most important skills anyone can have. It leads to success in school, satisfying jobs, and a lifetime of entertainment and information. Until illiteracy is defeated, a focus on literacy is always an important education strategy, but perhaps there has never been a time of more importance in the battle to defeat illiteracy. The Internet has brought into sharp focus that the need to read is absolutely critical to life's success. We are pleased that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has established family literacy centers in every county and is working hard to make certain these centers work with libraries to reach families in need of literacy training. The Pennsylvania Center for the Book isn't just about people who already read and care about books. We feel it is essential that the next generation also loves books, and the only way to do that is to make literacy a critical part of the Pennsylvania Center for the Book's service mission.

Among our many co-sponsors, special mention must be made regarding the critical role played by The Goodling Institute for Research in Family Literacy and its co-director Barb Van Horn. This site relies on and is dedicated to the work of its creator, Sara Willoughby-Herb, the talented early childhood educator and emergent literacy expert who has devoted her life to scholarly advocacy and effective teaching on behalf of young children and the adults who care for them.



Steven Herb, Director
Pennsylvania Center for the Book
March 2004


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