Growing Into Books

Section 3: How to Read to Your Child

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Plan a Time and Place for Reading Each Day

Set aside at least one time during your day for reading to your child. Ideally, this should be a time for reading to just one child. If you have more than one child, let your children take turns choosing the book. In this way each child has a chance to sit by you and hear a favorite book.

How do you decide on a time and place for reading to your child?

1. When do you feel most relaxed? When you are relaxed, you will pay more attention to your child and to the story. Bedtime is a good choice for some parents. Make a list of times when you feel more relaxed.

2. When does your child like to hear stories? Does your child ask to hear a story after bath time, or after school? Make a list of times when your child asked you to read.

3. When is your child most relaxed? Your child may not ask to hear stories. Think about a time when he is most likely to sit and listen. This might be when he is in the bathtub, or while he is eating. If your child likes to be active, let him draw or play with small toys as you read to him. Maybe your child is more relaxed when something is in his hands. Make a list of times when your child is more relaxed.

Look at your answers to those questions. Try to choose a time and place that both you and your child will enjoy. Of course you can read at other times and places, too, but always try to read once a day, at the time you have planned.


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