Family Literacy Lesson Plans
Zack's Alligator

Adult Education
Lesson Plan

Five-Finger Rule

Early Childhood Education
Lesson Plan

Vowel "Chomp" Game


Five Finger Rule Bookmark
"My Just Right Book!" Bookmark


zack's alligator cover

alligator song


Alligator Template Page
Fish Cards
Blank Fish Cards
Alligator Song

Vowel Chomp Game Photo





Parenting Education
Lesson Plan

Using Nonfiction Texts

alligator fact book

waiting alligators cover

Alligator Fact Coloring Book
Cover Example of Alligator Fact Book

Interactive Literacy
Lesson Plan

Comprehension Activity Sheet

alligator storybook

Comprehension Activity Sheet of Zack's House
Comprehensive Character Sheets of
Story Retell Puppets

Alligator Storybook Packet
Alligator Storybook Photo


Entire Lesson Plan
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