Teacher Intro

This webquest offers students the chance to interact with data from various tables, charts, and maps to investigate patterns of international participation among women in government. It is our intent to challenge students' assumptions about progressive nations and democracies and gender divisions in government. From the data students will make comparisons, extrapolate meaning, draw hypotheses, and finally create a policy recommendation to encourage more female participation in U.S. government.

Opportunity for critical thinking, data analysis, and group consensus building abound in this webquest. The webquest can also be easily tweaked to accommodate for different learning styles and needs as well as for different grade levels.

Teacher Process

Ideally this webquest takes two days of 45-50 min class periods. Adaptations can be made at any step. To assist with classes of varying motivation and/or grade level, we have included a worksheet to help focus students' research. The worksheet can be adapted too. For instance, if a class has been studying or is more familiar with other countries than those listed on the worksheet we encourage the teacher to change them. We understand that any list is inherently limited.

As a note, freedomhouse.org can be difficult to navigate. There are many options to choose from to view their charts and tables in the analysis section of the freedomhouse.org website. Teachers may want to provide more guidance for their students navigating the site. You may also elect to print out data. Of course, those schools that are not equipped with enough computers to allow students to navigate through the webquest on their own can opt to have students research in groups. The teacher may also elect to print all relevant data and have students interact with the data in printed form.