Teacher Intro

This webquest encourages students to think abstractly about how some extraordinary women have played an important role serving as a voice for women to be heard directly by the executive office of the U.S. President. The relationship between the president and the women of the Citizen's Advisory Council on the Status of Women paved the way for further participation among women in government. It also served to advance the concerns of women in America.

Engagement with this webquest gives students the opportunity to read and interact with the rich biographies housed at Pennsylvania State University's Special Collections Library. Students will assume the roles of these women and make decisions as they would have had to do in their new and powerful roles.

Teacher Process

This webquest is designed to be executed in one or two 45 minute class periods. The project was conceived with high school students in mind, but it can be easily adapted to suit the needs and abilities of middle schools students as well. Such adaptations may include simply only choosing one of the tasks, but also changing the assignment to reflect contemporary issues instead of contextual issues.

Ideally, students would engage with this webquest via personal computers. However, in such case where computer access is limited teachers may opt to print selected interview transcripts and the U.S. Citizen's Advisory Council on the Status of Women report from the website and distribute a packet for the students to explore.

The webquest can be used as a supplementary lesson in a civics course, a U.S. history course, as well as in a women's studies course.