Amendment process

according to Article V in the U.S. constitution, there are two ways to pass an amendment to the U.S. constitution. The traditional method, which has been used for every amendment to the constitution up to this date, requires passage by 2/3 from both houses of congress, the Senate and the House of Representatives. Once it passes both houses, it must then be ratified by 3/4 (38) of the states' legislatures. The second method, which has never been used, requires 2/3 of states' legislatures to call a constitutional convention. At such a convention, 3/4 of all states must also ratify a proposed amendment.


deviations from that which is considered normal


a legal agent practicing law. E.g. lawyer


person appointed to lead a meeting or council

Civic Leader

someone who acts on behalf of a community (large or small)


a group formed for to address a particiular reason

Executive Action

an act taken by the president. i.e. exective order, writing/sponsoring a bill, signing statement, veto…

Executive Branch

the office of the president of the United States of America and her or his cabinet

Gender Equality

the condition of equal treatment for women and men


incentive intended to persuade someone to act a certain way

Legislative Action

an act taken by congress i.e. introducing and voting on bills / passing laws

Legislative Branch

the legislative assembly of the United States of America

Ministerial Positions

a post relating to a prime minister's office


the legislative assembly of certain countries

Policy Recommendations

a proposed or adopted course of action intended to produce an desirable social affect

Political Scientist

one who engages in the study of governmental decision making, outcomes, and behavior

Private Sector

that which is the concern of and controlled by citizens

Public Sector

that which is for the good of citizens, but controlled by the government


an act of confirming an action or proposal


a portion or division of a geographic ara or administrative designation

Think Tank

a research institute that provides ideas and advice relating to national issues