Fast Facts Activity Lessons

(I). Explore further the life of one of the women highlighted in the Fast Facts. Create a PowerPoint (poster, report, brochure, speech, skit or other alternative method) to share the following aspects of her life and government service: Early Life, Education, Government Service or Positions Held, Achievements, Her Significance in the Cause of Women’s Rights, and Interesting Facts or Additional Information. Use the AFGW Special Collections Biographies if applicable. Activity may be assigned to be completed individually or in a group.

(II). Choose one of the women that you’ve researched for the Fast Facts Lesson Activity (I) and create a time line with 5-10 important events from her life. Use the AFGW timelines. Look at the social and political strands in relationship to the woman you researched. Add events to the timeline you created that were happening in the social or political world or in the history of women that seems interesting or significant to the woman you researched. 

(III). A number of government positions are mentioned in the Fast Facts—research three or four of these government jobs and the organizations that sponsor them. Do they still exist?  Which ones sound the most interesting and fascinating to you?  [Link to a list of positions/organizations mentioned in the Fast Facts—Located after activity IV in this document]

(IV). Wikipedia is an online, free, collaboratively written encyclopedia available in many languages. It is suggested at the beginning of the Fast Facts page that Wikipedia may be a “starting point” for further research.  Research the origins of Wikipedia. How does it compare with primary sources or other secondary sources?  What does Wikipedia do to ensure accuracy from its collaborators? How can you evaluate the accuracy of information found in a Wikipedia article? Compare Wikipedia facts on a topic with those from a book, media, or other internet source. Create a comparison chart. Share what you discover.

Government or political positions held by women including organizations in which women were major participants and political offices that women campaigned for—mentioned in the AFGW Fast Facts

Administrator of the Wage and Hour Division of the Department of Labor
American Society for Public Administration

Chairman of the Federal Maritime Commission
Chairman of the Republican National Committee
Chief of Staff
Citizens Advisory Committee on Legislative Compensation
Commander—U. S. Navy Ship
Commission on Aviation Security and Terrorism
Commission on the Organization of Government for the Conduct of Foreign Policy
Consumer Product Safety Commission
Council of Economic Advisors
Council on Wage and Price Stability
Counselor to the President

Department of Defense
Department of Health, Education, and Welfare
Deputy Assistant to the President for Public Liaison
Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs
Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Research and Advanced Technology
Director of the Agency for International Development
Director of the Arms Control Disarmament Agency
Director of the President’s Office of Intergovernmental Affairs
Domestic Council

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
Examiner-in-Chief for the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office Board of Appeals
Executive Women in Government

Federal Communications Commission
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Federal Trade Commission
Foreign Minister
Foreign Service Board

General—U. S. Army

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
National Chair of a Presidential Campaign
National Institute of Health
National Institute for Standards and Technology
National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)
National Organization for Women
National Political Congress of Black Women
National Security Advisor
Newspaper Bureau Chief
Newspaper Correspondent
Newspaper Editor
Newspaper Reporter

Office of Economic Opportunity
Office of the Secretary of Defense
Office of Strategic Services

President of the American Red Cross
President of the National Federation of Business and Professional Women
President of the United States
President’s Political Advisor
Presidential Communications
Presidential Speechwriter
Press Secretary

Radio Commentator/Host

Small Business Administration
Speaker of the House of Representatives
Special Advisor on Consumer Affairs
Superintendent of the Mint of the United States

Task Force on Women's Rights and Responsibilities
Treasurer of the United States
Television News Anchor
Television Commentator/Host

U. N. Commission for Human Rights
U.N. Commission of the Status of Women
U. N. Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM)
U. S. Ambassador to Great Britain
U. S. Attorney General
U. S. Assistant Attorney General
U. S. Board of Parole
U. S. Civil Service Commission
U. S. Coast Guard
U. S. Commission of Fine Arts
U. S. Court of Appeals
U. S. Delegation to the United Nations Economic and Social Commission
U. S. Department of Energy
U. S. Department of Justice
U. S. District Court
U.S. House of Representatives
U. S. Information Agency
U. S. International Trade Commission
U. S. Parole Commission
U. S. Secretary of Commerce
U. S. Secretary of Department of Housing and Urban Development
U. S. Secretary of Education
U. S. Secretary of Labor
U. S. Secretary of State
U. S. Secretary of Transportation
U. S. Senate
U. S. Supreme Court
U. S. Surgeon General
U. S. Tax Court
U. S. Trade Representative

Vice-President of the United States
Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA)