Classroom Activities

“A Few Good Women” Facebook Project

Approximate Lesson Time: 2 hours

Summary: The purpose of this project is to create a Facebook profile for one of the women or men whose oral history has been collected for the “A Few Good Women” Project.  These men and women were key participants in the advancement of the cause of women in government during the Nixon Administration.  Access to a computer will be needed to complete the research and construction of the page. Go to to begin your search.  Use this sheet to guide your research as you begin constructing the page and finding pictures.  You may use Publisher, PowerPoint, or any other program with which you are familiar. Click here for a PowerPoint template.  While you are working on your page, make sure to save your work. When you are finished, please submit your work to the teacher either digitally or in hardcopy.

Create a Facebook profile for one of the figures highlighted in the “A Few Good Women” Project using the following guidelines:

Name of the notable figure at the top of the page

1 Profile Picture of your notable figure

Information Corner/Basic Information:

Friends Corner:

The Wall:

Personal Information:  (At least 12 total)

Contact Information:  (You may need to make this up!)

** If computers are limited or unavailable, this project can be easily adapted by having students make a poster version of a Facebook profile for a notable figure from the “A Few Good Women” Project.