Classroom Activities

Essential Questions


Use the A Few Good Women (AFGW) Collection to explore the following questions.


a.     Read three of the interview vignettes:

b.     What issues or barriers did the women from 1969-1972 have to overcome? Are there similar barriers today or are there new issues?

c.     How did the women highlighted in the collection interact with one another? Use the timeline of their appointments and their work; Look for cause and effect sequences.

d.     Look over the career path of a selected woman from the AFGW oral history interviews. What if she had said, “No.” What impact might that have had on the opportunities that women have today?

e.     If you could interview this woman today, what would you like to ask her? What questions are you curious about?

f.      Interview women in your community. How did events illustrated on the timeline of the AFGW collection influence their lives?