Steven Herb, Head, Education and Behavioral Sciences Library; Director, Pennsylvania Center for the Book(PACFTB); AFGW Budget Administrator

Karla Schmit, Education and Behavioral Science Librarian and Assistant Director, Pennsylvania Center for the Book; AFGW Project Director

Tim Girard, Social Studies Graduate Student, Penn State; AFGW intern

Jeanette Condo, Programmer/Analyst, Penn State World Campus, Learning Design; AFGW web designer

Rosa Franks, PACFTB 2008 Summer Intern, completed preliminary research on the AFGW time period

Lee Stout, Penn State Archivist Emeritus, Interviewed for the Archivist section of the AFGW website

Michael Petner, Video Clips Director, Instructional Design Graduate Student, Penn State

Ashley Carroll, Penn State Student, AFGW Archivist Interviewer

Krista Wallden, Penn State Student and PACFTB Bednar Intern, AFGW Archivist Interviewer

Alan Jalowitz, Map Editor, Literary and Cultural Heritage Map of Pennsylvania, PACFTB; Editor for AFGW biographies included on the PACFTB map and the AFGW website