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2015 Poetry Posters

conley poster

By Tameka Cage Conley

"With 'Losing,' Tameka Cage Conley creates a masterful poem that understands with grief it is the image that whispers loudest. With each image we experience the desolation of loss, the even greater emptiness of the unknowable future."

From Fledgling Rag, Issue 11

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siegell poster

*America stop honking I know what I'm doing*
By Paul Siegell

"Taut and inventive, Paul Siegell...captures the restlessness and richness of our situation: busy but often stalled in traffic, hungry for some communication with a larger consciousness but deeply skeptical about final meanings."

From Poemergency Room by Paul Siegell, Otoliths Books 

squillante poster

This Weather
By Sheila Squillante

"'This Weather' is a poem full of love, ache, and desire's freighted duties, the 'heavy-/handed strangeness' that can arrive suddenly, surprisingly, between parents and children."

From Beautiful Nerve by Sheila Squillante, Tiny Hardcore Press

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szybist poster

By Mary Szybist

"Mary Szybist's marvelously constructed 'Apology' makes perfect use of the villanelle form. The interlocking rhyme and repetition of lines emphasize the very nature of apology: the dreadful back-and-forth between what was said and what should have been said."

Mary Szybist, “Apology” from Granted

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Video of the the entire presentation of the 14th annual "An Evening of Pennsylvania Poets: Readings in Celebration of the Public Poetry Project."

2015 Poetry Advisory Committee: William Brockman, Steven Herb, Julia Kasdorf, Christopher Walker

2015 Poetry Selection Committee: Le Hinton, Erin Murphy, Jeff Oaks

2015 Poetry Posters designed by Wilson Hutton.

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