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2014 Poetry Posters

berg poster

What I Wanted to Say
By Stephen Berg

“Stephen Berg's 'What I Wanted to Say' is one of the most moving and unforgettable elegies in our language.  It confronts with compassion our continuing attempts to express the ineffable.”

GRIEF, Viking Penguin, a division of Penguin Group (USA) LLC, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975

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di piero poster

Johnny One Note
By W. S. Di Piero

“Johnny One Note is a perfectionist and also a jazz maestro in love with his art, a risky place to be, as it is for a poet...a perfectionist, filters sounds for the tone desired.  For both artists, both lyrical and passionate, improvisation manipulates art’s given forms enabling sonically and interpretatively the improvised, with just the right light touch for the intimacy of the setting."

Nitro Nights, Copper Canyon Press, 2011

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hinton poster

By Le Hinton

“Le Hinton’s 'Epidemic' is a magnificent poem--complicated in its content, and clear in its design and palindrome form.  To read this poem is to experience the labor and devotion of maternal sacrifice—to experience the joy and wisdom of looking twice.”

The Language of Moisture and Light, Iris G. Press, 2013

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mccallum poster

Facing It
By Shara McCallum

"Shara McCallum's magnificent poem "Facing It" lures and lulls with the music of what one knows and doesn't know--the eternal song of mothers and daughters."

Song of Thieves, University of Pittsburgh Press, 2003

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Video of the the entire presentation of the 14th annual "An Evening of Pennsylvania Poets: Readings in Celebration of the Public Poetry Project."

2014 Poetry Advisory Committee: William Brockman, Steven Herb, Julia Kasdorf, Christopher Walker

2014 Poetry Selection Committee: James Brasfield, Gerald Costanzo, Yona Harvey

2014 Poetry Posters designed by Wilson Hutton.

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