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2011 Poetry Posters

Beautiful Thing poster

Beautiful Thing
By Jim Daniels

“‘Beautiful Thing’ by  Jim Daniels transports the reader inside the mind of the child and father simultaneously through a lovely meeting of evocative image and voice—reminding us of the fierce power of beauty.”

from Night With Drive-By Shooting Stars
New Issues Poetry & Prose, 2002

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Jacklighting poster

By Todd Davis

“‘Jacklighting’ by Todd Davis travels the roads of Pennsylvania
through the hearts of working men, in a relentless description
that is at once riveting and tender.”

from Some Heaven
Michigan State University Press, 2007

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Steelworkers' Lockers poster

Steelworkers' Lockers
By Robert Gibb

“In its intense, dense, almost-sonnet length structure, ‘ Steelworkers’ Lockers, Pittsburgh History Center’ is a metaphor, a tip of the iceberg, of all of Pittsburgh’s—and, by extension, America’s—history of labor, of the toll the industrial revolution has taken on our flesh-and-blood.”

from World Over Water
University of Arkansas Press, 2007


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Harvest Moon poster

Harvest Moon
By Tim Seibles

“‘Harvest Moon’ is a celebration of longing and language, mixing the colloquial with the lyric, swimming in metaphor and word play, a language in love with the world—its shining mysteries, its aching discoveries:  ‘What cat-eyed glow?’”

from Buffalo Head Solos
Cleveland State University Poetry Center, 2004

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2011 Poetry Advisory Committee: William Brockman, Steven Herb, Julia Kasdorf, Christopher Walker
2011 Poetry Selection Committee: Joseph Bathanti, Jan Beatty, Phillip Terman

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