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2003 Poetry Posters
The Delicate Boat Poster

The Delicate Boat
By Paul Martin

Paul Martin’s “The Delicate Boat” leaves few who read it with the ability to look again at ribs, at the dip of the abdomen, and not see the “delicate boat,” to not recall this moving depiction of brotherhood and grief.

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The River Bathers poster

The River Bathers
By Elaine Terranova

Elaine Terranova’s “The River Bathers” purposely buries its move toward a moral in the poem’s center, following it only with oddity, certain detail cast in relief against an uncertainty of feeling, and the oddity of a world newly understood.

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Plink by Plink poster

Plink by Plink
By Constance Levy

Constance Levy’s “Plink by Plink” sounds like the very place the poem describes. Every tick, drop, and rock, each sound of icicle and liquid lingering, recreate the aural reality of the cave.

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Moon-Grief Utterance #2 poster

Moon-Grief Utterance #2 (for SP)
By Sean Thomas Dougherty

Sean Thomas Dougherty’s “Moon-Grief Utterance #2 (for SP)” links the mystery of another world to breath, to sadness coming from elsewhere to the ear of a lover. The imaginative leap here makes the most of poetry’s compressed form.

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Sisyphus poster

By Maxine Kumin

Maxine Kumin’s “Sisyphus” reminds us, vividly, how the smallest incidental can make in us a burden

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Maxine Kumin reads "Sisyphus"

2003 Poetry Advisory Committee: Bonnie MacEwan, William Brockman, William Joyce, Gabriel Welsch, Steven Herb
2003 Poetry Selection Committee: Robin Becker, Harry Humes, Maurice Kilwein Guevara
Poster Design and Artwork: Marla Jaksch, Erik Brandt

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