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Conjunction Arts: Jacqueline Tarry and Bradley McCallum
Monday 11/03/03 11:30 am:

"Private Voices, Public Spaces" Foster Auditorium, Pattee Library

Cosponsored by the Pennsylvania Center for the Book

The collaborative work of Jacqueline Tarry and Bradley McCallum explores contemporary social realities. Projects include Witness: Perspectives on Police Violence, and Silence, a performative sculpture that examines the Underground Railroad and the legacy of slavery.

They will present Civic Endurance a series of life-size color photographs and a video that together document a 25-hour endurance performance with homeless Seattle teenagers. The portraits were taken minutes before each youth took part in the endurance performance, and after they gave their testimony during an audio taped interview.

The husband-and-wife-team work nationally and globally to engage with subject matter and images of pressing, and at times, controversial civic concerns for their large-scale projects. The artists are also currently featured in the Neuberger Museum Public Art Biennial in Purchase, New York.

The Fall 2003-Spring 2004 Visiting Lecture Series includes nationally and internationally recognized artists and scholars, brought to Penn State by the John M. Anderson Endowment, School of Visual Arts.


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